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10th Ayutthaya Aquatic Phansa Festival

July 16, 2019

Among the Khao Phansa, or Buddhist Lent Day, celebrations held around Thailand each year to signify both the beginning of the rainy season and the three-month period during which monks traditionally retreat to their temples for study and meditation, the ‘Ayutthaya Aquatic Phansa Festival’ is a memorable one.

The Khao Phansa festivals involve parades in which people take candles to their local temples. This generally takes place on land, but in the ‘Ayutthaya Aquatic Phansa Festival’ the candles are carried by boats along the historic Lat Chado canal in Phak Hai district of the ancient city.

In recent years the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has worked with local authorities to help revive some of the area’s waterborne traditions and the Khao Phansa boat parade is a key annual event. Khao Phansa Day is on the first full moon in the eighth lunar month and in 2019 this is on 17 July. The ‘10th Ayutthaya Aquatic Phansa Festival’ will take place the day before.

The day’s program begins at 08:00 Hrs. with the registration and showing of participating boats at Lat Chado market, ahead of the official event opening and then the commencement of the parade at 11:00 Hrs. The boat procession will offer some wonderful photograph opportunities. At 12:30 Hrs. the candles will be taken from the boats for offering at Lat Chado temple. From 13:30 Hrs. there will be local folk games taking place.

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