History & Culture

Doi Hua Mae Kham

Doi Hua Mae Kham is home to a number of hill tribe villages along the Thai Burmese border. Although the inhabitants of these villages are predominantly of the Lisu tribe, a number of Akha, Hmong, I-Ko and Muser also live there. Visits can be made to the tribes and it is also possible to purchase their handicrafts and other homemade items. Visits to the area are best made in November. At this time of year yellow Wild Sunflowers (‘Bua Tong’) are in full bloom and blanket the hills and valleys. With the mists and fogs around Doi Hua Mae Kham, the area is recognised as being one of the best places in Thailand to watch a sunrise.

How to get there: Doi Hua Mae Kham is about 60 kilometres away from Doi Mae Salong and it is accessible by Songtaew.