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Democracy Monument

Commemorating the introduction of constitutional monarchy in Thailand, Democracy Monument has witnessed many of the events that have helped shape the nation. Constructed in 1932 Democracy Monument is located in a roundabout on Ratchadamnoen Avenue – the heart of the Rattanakosin area. The design of the monument has a number of significances. For instance, the height of the monument is 24 metres, signifying the 24 June – the date the people’s movement in Thailand (the People’s Group) formally requested a new system of government. In addition, the six swords which decorate the monument signify six principles for governing Thailand - Independence, Economics, Inner Peace, Equality, Liberty, and Education. The student uprisings of 1973 and 1976 started here with protests against the military government in power at the time. The events of 1992 culminated here in massive protest against the then Prime Minister General Suchinda Kraprayoon. Being at the centre of a roundabout, it’s a bit difficult to get a ‘hands on’ experience of Democracy Monument. However, it’s a pretty distinctive landmark and as such you can see from a number of locations. It probably doesn’t warrant a special visit in its own right, except combined with a visit to other attractions in the Rattanakosin area.

How to get there:

The following buses will get you there:

Air-conditioned Bus Number: A2 (airport bus), 59, 3, 9, 11, 15

It is also possible to get to the temple by boat; get on a Express Boat and stop at Banglampuu Pier. You need to go through Wat Chanat Songkram and through to Khao San Road. Go down Khao San Road and turn right. On Rajadamnoen Road, turn left and you will see the monument.