Beaches & Islands

Chicken Island

Famed for its crystal clear water and white sand beaches, Chicken Island (Koh Kai/Koh Hua Khwan) is located around 8 kilometers away from Ao Nang (Nang Shore).  It takes only 30 minutes by a longtail boat from Raileh Beach.

The name of “Chicken Island” came from the strange rock formation that looks like a chicken’s head founded in the island.  The Island is known as one of spectacular snorkeling points in Krabi Sea. Mo Island and Tap Island are the nearby islands. Mo, Tap and Chicken Islands are linked together when the water level gets low. It creates amazing scenery of a white sand bar in the middle of the sea. The place is called “Thale Waek” or “Separated Sea”. It is becoming more and more popular for tourists.

A variety of colorful coral reefs and fishes can be founded here. You can visit Chicken Island all year round since it is not affected by monsoon during May – October. There are no accommodations in the island.

How to get there: You can hire a longtail boat at Ao Nang or Railey Beach.  Some package tours including a trip to Chicken Island are available with local travel agents.