Chiang Dao Cave

The Peak of Doi Chiang Dao Mountain is 2225 meters above sea level making it one of Thailand’s highest mountains. Although impressive in its own right, and playing host to a number of sites worthy of a visit, Chiang Dao Caves are of special interest. The caves extend around twelve kilometers into the mountain and only experienced potholers should venture beyond the 5 areas designated for visits (Tham Maa, Tham Kaew, Tham Phra Nawn, Tham Seua Dao, and Tham Naam).

The caves contain crystals that have formed through dripping water - these are extremely impressive formations and make the visit well worth it. The air inside the caves is at times cool, at others, extremely humid. This is not a place for the claustrophobic and you should consider the visit carefully if you have any ailments or illness.

However, these precautions aside, the caves are quite safe and guides are available to guide you through the caves and steer you out of harms way (although you may have to crawl through some smaller gaps!). The two main caves (Tham Phra Nawn and Tham Seua Dao) have electric lighting and can be visited without a guide. The caves contain a number of sacred Buddha images.

Details: Chiang Dao Cave is open 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. Admission to the caves is only 20 Baht but a guide costs 200 Baht no matter what size the group.

How to get there: Chiang Dao is one hour away from Chiang Mai. Tours to the caves are available from Chiang Mai as are Songtaews.