History & Culture

BorSang village

Borsang Umbrella and Thai Handicraft Village are usually approached as a single trip and often on an organized tour. Borsang Umbrella and Thai Handicraft Village offers a wide range of Thai handicrafts but is most famed for its parasol umbrellas.

These umbrellas have made the small village of BorSang famous and in many respects the umbrellas have become iconic - one of the ‘postcard’ images of Thailand. Made of bamboo cane and rice paper, they are skillfully decorated with color pictures and patterns. It is thought the practice of umbrella making was brought to the village by a Thai Buddhist monk who returned home from Burma generations ago.

The village itself is only a small group of shop-houses and with a constant flow of tourists it can become a bit crowded at times. Despite this, it is worth a visit if you have the time. These are the same products that are on sale at Chiang Mai’s night bazaar, but here you are dealing with the manufacturers. They are much cheaper, so there’s no real need to haggle - their margins are probably narrow enough anyway.

How to get there: The village is situated 10 kilometers east of Chiang Mai where Doi Saket Road and Sankamphaeng Road meet.