Bobae Market / Bobae Tower

If you are interested in knowing just how cheap things really are before they get to the shops, go to Bobae. There are two Bobae outlets in the same vicinity: Bobae Market has been on the scene for 30 years or more, catering exclusively to exporters and people in the Thai clothing industry. At Bobae market, you by things in dozens. At Bobae Tower, however, you can buy the same items in much smaller amounts – single items if that’s what you are looking for. However, export really is the name of the game and there are 700 shops in the tower. It’s possible to arrange shipping abroad as you shop and as a result, Borbae Tower is a one-stop paradise for the budding exporter. Given the number of foreigners there most days, the export business is good – especially to Russia it would seem. Many of the signs inside the tower are written in Russian. If you have plenty of time or your hands, or you are especially interested in the area of clothing export, Borbae is an education. If it’s one of two items you are after, you are better off paying a little bit more at one of the other markets.

Details: The market and tower open daily between 06.00 and 18.00.

488 Bobae Tower
Damrongrak Road,
(Off Krungkasem Road) Klong Mahanak, Pomprab,
Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Tel: 0-2628-1888
Fax: 0-2628-1555

The market is 5 minutes from the tower.