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Bangkok International Hospital

Bangkok International Hospital is recognized as the leader in private medical care within Thailand as a result of its first class facilities, leading expertise and its latest advancements in medical technology. A consistent focus on quality of service and patient satisfaction has been rewarded with accreditations from US, Europe, Australia and Japan Medical Boards and by the standard certification ISO 1900-2000 from the Ministry of Health in Thailand. At Bangkok International Hospital, world renowned physicians are available to provide the patients with the utmost level of medical care. Bangkok Heart Hospital, the Neurology Center, the Cancer Hospital are reputed in all Thailand. All of the specialized centers are equipped with the most advanced medical technologies. The hospital’s vision is to create a comfortable ambience for multi-cultural patients from over 140 different nationalities and has a dedicated international team with translators speaking more than 30 different languages.


Tel: +66 2 3103000

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