History & Culture

Ban Na Kraseng Rattan Furniture and Fabric Weaving Village

Located in Tha Li district of Loei, Ban Na Kraseng makes its living preparing rattan furniture and handicrafts alongside traditionally woven fabrics. These days these activities are driven by the market forces of tourism, but what you see done today is the same as it was done generations past. The rattan furniture produced here is of an extremely high quality and very durable. There are daily displays of furniture production and fabric weaving and there are plenty of souvenirs here for the folks back home.

How to get there:
To get to the village in your own vehicle first take the Loei-Tha Li Road until kilometre 47 and turn right. Go straight on towards Ban Ahi for around 9 kilometres and turn right again. Go straight on for another 5 kilometers until you reach Ban Na Kraseng.